How should I know that you care,
when you leave me all alone.
With no word of goodbye,
I’m just not worth your time at all.

You say you’re there for me,
I know that that’s not true.
I’m falling here, so helpless,
but you just don’t want to stay.

Why should I look up to you?
What have you ever done for me?
There’s no where left to turn and,
I know that you’re a fraud.

Your empty words can’t hurt,
no more than I could allow.
Don’t you dare come back
and whisper silent treachery.

I see you when I’m dreaming,
I hear your voice within my skull.
But I shall not be deceived,
No longer am I your man.

I am on to you deceiver,
and I will never be your slave.
It’s time to face the truth,
it could never have been you.

So you lay me here to die,
I know the age old plan.
you’ve watched me all these years,
and now I’m in your claws again.

Why don’t you show your face?
Why hide behind secrecy and lies?
I resisted for such a long time,
Despite the weaknesses of others.

But now you hand me total proof,
and maybe I should have believed.
But it’s all too late and all I crave,
is eternal lasting peace.


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