The Mad Girl Dances

All the world is bleak,
All the people meek.
The crashing of wind,
Judges those who sinned
And the midnight loon,
Dances under moon.
Hopes beyond hope,
Yet always no more than a dope.

Waves pound a rugged rock,
Time fails like a worn clock
Still she dances
Oblivious to the ends advances.
The ruby colour of her eyes,
Serves only to persist those lies.
That the world of God
Is greater than simple sod.

The sun shining bright
Sears the wretched fright.
The careless girl
Commits a splendid twirl,
The ghost of the past
Will yet come fast
Whilst this precious loon,
Dances the end away too soon.

Apocalypse without treasure,
Humanity without measure,
Is all that will duly appear.
Guides the blessed through fear.
The shattered eyes
Beat back their sighs,
Yet the madness has no hold
Upon the mad girl so bold.

As night passes violently into day
The girl retreats to have no say.
The day of reckoning,
Has begun it’s beckoning.
Only the insanity survives,
The midnight dance thrives
Calling, whispering, alone.
Actions none can condone

She sweeps the blonde hair,
Uncovering those ruby eyes she dare.
To gaze upon the wonder
Of a world neatly torn asunder.
At last the mad one,
Weeps for a bygone fun.
Day passes into night,
The dancing begins alight.

Untouchable she dances,
Unstoppable she prances,
The cold night breeze,
Gently soothes, does not freeze.
The ground beneath her feet,
Cracks too fast for retreat.
The earth crumbles aside,
The girl falls like the tide.

Now there is no dancing loon,
To pass time under the moon.
No sane-less beauty,
To perform her mad duty.
Silence, all is deathly quiet.
And something missing from our diet.
All the world is bleak,
All the people meek.


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