Change Me

I hear the beating of your heart,
I close my eyes from dreams apart.

Nothing I do can make you mine,
when I can’t write one single line.

Whisper in my ear that wondrous night,
I was too afraid and could but fight.

This was my easy game to lose,
I never should have made you choose.

I wished that you could set me free,
from everything I should not be.

Beyond the veil I still see your face,
watching over me as I gave chase.

I never thought I’d be the one,
who messed it up for wont of fun.

An echo in my tortured soul,
and for a chance to be now whole.

There are no more words that I can say,
to make it all seem a-okay.

You told me once that I was wise,
until you saw through my disguise.

There’s somewhere new for us to make,
where it must fail to make us break.

All I ask of you is one last chance,
to change amid a final dance.


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