Heroes & Villains

She looks at you feigning smiles

through red raw lips and streaming eyes.

A dull dark streak betrays her glow

a cracked voice says more than you know.

I can’t tell who I am today

but maybe that’s a story

with heroes and villains

and a land to save from us all.

Watch her movements as she speaks

with your hand on the wheel and

swerving as your brakes are failing

don’t let your emotions fade away. 

She can’t see who I am today

and maybe that’s a story

chock full of villains

and no screaming heroes.

Is this love or is this pain?

I think they’re just alike.

How can I know that what I feel

is common to our souls? 

I don’t know who they are today

yet I know it’s a story

with the right heroes

and we’re all villains. 

Staring at her straight through

not backing down nor shattered.

Is this how our story ends?

One slip and I’m crashing. 

She doesn’t care who we are today

it’s just another story

where the broken pieces discarded

betrayed our own identities. 


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