I’m Awake, You’re Dreaming

I saw a girl sitting on a rock

crosslegged and covered in sand

she hallooed at me with drunken tones,

laughing, shrieking, cheeks red with mirth

her eyes sparkled blue and green

a glint of sadness seeping through,

she saw me and I smiled back

but I didn’t see her.

I approached and braved the sun

as this girl dipped her naked toes

into that cold and swirling ocean

where the chill could not faze her

and she threw back her head

with auburn locks and purple bows,

again I heard that throaty guffaw

which had so bewitched me from afar.

She raised a hand towards me

beckoning for I to join her

and gladly did I scramble up

atop that rock beside her

whose very identity I did not know,

but under a mesmerising spell I

found myself unable to resist

the lure of something quite so pure.

She pushed me back a little hard

and I’m sure that I saw stars,

but I didn’t care for here I lay

with her and I knew reality had nothing

on the dream which had so transfixed

my delicate, fragile soul as she

brushed away the strands of hair

and grinned a toothy grin.

Now so closely we’re entwined

I noticed in the fading light

a pattern of freckles upon her face

that seemed to spell a name

in another language I could not say,

and I wished that I had the guts

to be the person I was meant to be

and to love without condition.

The water’s rising fast

and the setting sun has dipped

behind these darkening clouds

but we are still here, lying

on that rock which long ago

had lost its warmth and comfort

and now neither of us can

brave the journey home.

She grabs my hand and pulling

suddenly we’re standing, swaying

on our feet we are just dancing

and whilst the waves grow closer,

I’m feeling their icy lick

yet she doesn’t say a word but

lets go and dives, her smile the last

I see before she disappears.

I saw her and she saw me

in our daylight dreaming where

we thought we were untouchable

and could not face the world ahead,

but I stand by what I felt that day

as she lay beside me laughing

and with a careless nod I knew,

I’m awake and you’re just dreaming.


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