I’m Okay

You asked me if I’m okay

but I didn’t want to say

‘Cause I know if I do,

You’ll think you have a clue.

It’s not about them, it’s not about you

It’s all that I am and all I have due.

You needed me to hear

and I’m sure it’s just a fear

that I’ll be faced with uncomfortable truth,

maybe that’s why I’m on this roof.

It’s all crashing; I’m falling down,

touch the ground and watch me drown.

Now I’m swimming over waves

as I scream through these raves,

and my lungs gasp for air

wherever I am I feel your stare.

See me jump; watch me lying,

You’re crying but I’m dying.

I want to tell you everything

but I wish that I knew anything

to prove what it’s doing to me,

and I just wished I could be free.

In your arms; safe from harm,

your tears sting and with no calm.

Up on this roof again

I hear the chirping of the wren

as it settles on my outstretched hand,

and my eyes are all full of sand.

They’re stinging me; it’s clinging sin,

claws digging in my skin.

I stroke the feathers worn

weathering the perfect storm

at last this bird takes flight,

winging flapping in its fright.

Your hand is on my shoulder,

and that’s all it took to smoulder.

So here we are we’ve come this far

as once I was a fading star

you asked me if I’m okay,

and I know it’s time to say.

It’s all about you now,

Listen to my final vow.


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