My Friend (Or How I Learnt To Live Again)

Forgive me for these words may

seem a lesser way to state my

feelings on matters of the heart,

but here at last you may see

what you always meant to me. 


I never thought I would become

as accustomed as I am to solitude

until you found me in that corner dreaming

of whispered lies and golden tragedies

resonating through my charcoal shadow. 


I used to lie here wondering

why you chose to see me when

all others had since passed and

I had nothing left to offer except

a silent look with sunken shoulders. 


Your gentle words sparked a fire

of caged curiosity within my mind

where everything made perfect sense

and now I knew the only way to

stand up tall as one alone. 


But I’m not afraid to say

that I love you here today 

for you were there holding my hand

as I rolled the dice you squeezed and

I knew then to feel was just the best. 


I wasn’t who you thought I’d be

but maybe that’s the point for

if we could guess each other’s steps

perhaps we’d never know the things

we truly meant to see. 





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