Be Myself Again

I’m starting to wonder,

I’m starting to believe,

I think that I found a way,

To be myself again.


Where are we going?

Where do we belong?

I can see another city,

That’s just full of promises.


Sketch my eyes again,

For I can’t see without,

A pencil lined in black,

So I’ll be myself again.


Why are we here?

I don’t think that we belong.

This city’s getting kinda scary,

But I’m looking for some fun.


Hoping’s just a fool’s game,

Trusting’s just the same,

You thought my back was turned,

But I’ll face you anyway.


So why are you leaving?

I want you to stay.

‘Cause I’m starting to like it here,

And I ain’t got time to beg.


I never felt so small,

As I did right there with you.

Help me stop that blood flow,

So I can throw away your knife.


I thought that I believed,

I thought that I’d found,

A reason to be me,

Yet here I am again.



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