I Sold You Out (Now I’m Alone)

I was there when their hammer fell on you,

I was there when they stole your life away.

Yeah, yeah,

I was watching them from afar.

I was right there when they came for you,

as they knocked on your door and brought down the light,

Calling your name with their blackened tongues.


It was me,

I gave the game away,

I hid away and shed a tear,

But it wasn’t for you.

It was me,

I sold you out and I must confess,

I wouldn’t change this world for anything.


I was there,

I was there,

When they came for you.


I guess I ought to try and say,

That I know I should take the blame,

Yet when you get to the heart,

I just didn’t care at all,

So trust me when I say,

You’re better off in the ground.


Now it’s been twenty long years,

And I’ve lived a carefreeĀ life.

I can see it’s coming to the end,

I can hear them knocking once again,

But the funny thing is,

I’m yearning for your loss

And here’s the best part,

All my disguises have run dry.


For ever since the day I sold you out,

There’s nowhere left to hide,

Now they’re coming for me.





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